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We’re not sure these alternative shifters have shoved society along the path toward enlightenment.But when Ford’s North American product communications manager, Mike Levine, tweeted a picture of a 2018 Ford F-150 with a 10-speed automatic and a column shifter — merging the past and future — we naturally wondered whether column shifters deserve more involvement Column shifters free up space in the center console. Mercedes-Benz, for example, takes many of the misguided principles from modern console-mounted shifters and applies them to a fiddly, rinky-dink, chintzy column shifter.But the past was a simpler time, often a more elegant time, and a time in which some solutions were found that didn’t need updating.So, are column shifters the best automatic shifters?Racing games have been one of my favorite genres ever since the mid '90s.I didn't play racing games all that often before that point, but since then, I've loved the genre, and have played a good number of racing games.

Also, unless I say it doesn't, presume that games do have gamepad support (for regular directinput, not the 360 controller's xinput of course; that'd only be in a few recent titles. Games that I own the full version of on physical media. Full games that I own through digital download services. By the same developer of the earlier Hard Truck 2 (below), this is a boring 18-wheeler driving game that I got for free.

I prefer more arcadey, futuristic, or less realistic racers, and not sims, so don't expect good reviews of the top PC racing sims here -- you won't find any.

Fortunately, however, there are plenty of great futuristic, top-down, and arcade-style racing games on the PC too, they're not just on consoles.

Here I will review all of the PC racing games I own, plus I will also cover all freeware, shareware, and demo PC racing games currently on my PC.

The majority of titles on this list are from the second half of the '90s. Maybe I should look up more pre-'94 PC racing games, but I've never done it.

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